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23 February 2008 @ 02:03 pm
 I am perfectly content with my life and the people in it.  I feel sorry for people who are so unhappy with themselves that they try to bring others down with them.  You need help, Astrid.  I hope, for your sake, that you get it.
Current Mood: contentcontent
06 February 2008 @ 06:38 pm

Okay, so first off, I just wanted to say that Jay and Marco are my two favorite people in the WORLD right now.  They conspired (who would have thought, right?) and Marco's boss ending up having me on the cover of People Magazine with a whole spread and interview and EVERYTHING.  And since then...things have completely turned around....Because Jay is amazing.  And I hate to admit that after everything we've been through, but he really is.  which leads me to... 

The even bigger news-- I got offered a lead role in ASHTON KUTCHER'S NEW MOVIE!!!  They are filming here in TO!  They originally hadn't even called me back after that whole stupid sex tape thing, but they called me back and told me after reading my interview in People, they thought they wanted to give me a shot.  So now I REALLY owe Jay and Marco.  And I am playing the girl he's trying to woo, haha.  Now now girls, don't be jealous.  I promise he's not AS cute up close.  Okay, I'm lying.  SO, of COURSE I accepted!  We had our first meeting today and we start filming in a few weeks.  Needless to say, I have a LOT of homework with about a million lines to memorize, but I am SO not complaining.

Living with Jay is a transition that I'm kind of loving far too much to admit, but I suppose it is pretty nice having someone to make me grilled cheeses and mac and cheese and anything else with cheese in it.  And I'm starting to feel a little too comfortable with him.  It feels like it used to, and that scares the shit out of me.

Anyway, I better go study my script.

26 January 2008 @ 11:57 am
Yeah, I know what you're all thinking.  And no, I'm not even going to talk about it, because it's not worth talking about.  I have never been so embarrassed in my life.  And angry.  Yeah, first it was at Jay because...well, who WOULDN'T have thought that he was the one who leaked it- especially with all of his threats on that stupid radio show.  And at first when he tried to convince me he didn't do it, I didn't believe him.  I mean, he's Jay Hogart, since when has he been known to tell the truth under all circumstances?  And then, he's over at my house trying to talk to me...he points something out...and two and two finally come together.  And I feel like shit.  It was MY fault.  It was a file (that I HAVE NOT LOOKED AT IN FOREVER) on my computer when it got hacked.  That stupid video came from MY computer.  Whoever the fuck hacked into my computer had to have gotten a hold of it and released it.  So now I'm the new Paris Hilton.  And everyone thinks I'm a whore.  Which is great.  Especially because in reality, it was a tape that was made in private YEARS ago with someone I planned on marrying.  And some fucker thought it'd be fun to ruin my life.  I swear I am going to hunt that person down and kill them with my bare hands.

I'll be in Toronto for awhile if anyone needs me.  Now I REALLY can't go back to LA.  I got a phone call this morning from the producer of my show telling me when the strike is over, I won't be rejoining the cast.  Awesome.  And my dad kicked me out of their place.  So I'm at Jay's until I can find my own place.  WHICH needs to happen very soon because I cannot live with Jay.  We broke up for a reason.  For SEVERAL reasons, actually.  One being that he got some other girl knocked up while we were engaged.  How can you ever trust someone like that again?  So yeah, I'm at Jay's...but we're not back together or anything like that.  Not.  We can't be.  I couldn't deal with his manwhoreness.  I mean, it'd be setting myself up for disaster and heartbreak, just like last time.  And I can't handle that again. It is nice to have someone to still feel close to, though.  He's the only one I can talk to about this whole mess.

Oh yeah, and the media can go screw themselves.
18 January 2008 @ 07:52 pm
 Sooo....I had to get a new journal.  My computer got hacked and the jerk changed all my passwords.  God, I hope they didn't find anything bad on my computer...that would just be wonderful.  SUCH a pain in the ass.  

I've had quite a bit of free time on my hands lately since we haven't been filming with the whole writers strike going on.  My agent had me audition for some independent films these past few weeks, but I haven't heard back from most of them.  And the ones I DID hear back from are all unpaid roles.  Living in LA and a non-paying job do NOT go together.  Like, at all.  The networks need to just give IN already so I can have my job back!  It's making me nervous that they're not even going to bother finishing the show once they get back into the swing of things.

Anyway, I just booked my flight back to Toronto for the reunion- Emma talked me into going.  And actually, with the writers strike and all this other crap that's going on, I thought maybe I'd come early to stay and visit my parents for a little while.  Plus maybe I should think about living with them temporarily.  I can't afford this apartment in LA if we're not going to be filming.  

Sooo, I'm coming back this weekend, surprise!  First thing I'm going to do is go get mani/pedis with Emma.  I am soooo in need of one.  Other than that, I'm not sure what else I'm going to have planned.  I guess if anyone wants to hang out, call me or IM me at Manny Santosss